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La Cage Aux Folles

*knock knock* Anyone at home?

Has anyone here been to see Roger in La Cage Aux Folles? The production has been such a success and it's heading to Broadway (with Douglas Hodge) very soon. And John Barrowman's coming to the West End production...

But I saw it a few weeks ago with Roger and the uniquely brilliant Philip Quast. I waited for the Philip/Roger combination before I booked a ticket, and got front row centre seat. So I ended up covered in glitter, sweat, sequins and even got a drag queen's crotch in my face. Not just a typical night at the theatre!

Me with Roger Allam
Me with Roger at the stage door

Me with Philip Quast
Me with Philip Quast

Inside La Cage
Inside La Cage

The Playhouse
The Playhouse, one of my favourite theatres.

I told him he was fantastic in City of Angels (the first time I saw him, back in 1993) and he seemed to despair at how much time had gone by since then. He's still as fabulous as ever, and I can't wait to see him in his next production.
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