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I live in Birmingham, and last night I went for a bit to eat at the restaurant at the Birmingham Rep Theatre, where some of my friends work.

Sitting enjoying a coffee, I looked around to see what performance was on last night. I found out, to my surprise, that Roger is starring in Pravda here at the Birmingham Rep until TONIGHT.

Sadly I can't go to the showing tonight, and it's been running for a few weeks. BUGGER.
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I thought you were going to say Roger was sitting nearby, I was going to pounce on you ;)
If I'd have known earlier, I'd have wangled some free tickets or at least gone to the stage door :(
That's a shame, I think the play is showing in two cities, check out his official site.
I think it's been to Chichester too, but I missed that. Never mind, I've seen him on stage twice already, I mustn't be greedy!
Knowing Roger, another oppotunity will arise soon :)
What a shame!
I found out about Pravda only a couple of days ago...and I jumped on the first train to Birmingham - well, metaphorically :) I live in London so I booked for today's matinee...the return journey was a bit of a mess, delays/3 train changes, but I didn't care much...

Good on you - what did you think of it? One of the Rep directors said the accents were a bit dodgy.
By the way, I just found this community, so... hi everybody! :D