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second attempt

Soorry for the lateness, I tried to post this yesterday but apparently myd ad's laptop doesn't think posting was a good idea, despite the fact that I could write it all, the post justw asn't sent. So here it goes again.


I finally manage to get two clips from my V for Vendetta dvd's. First one ispretty much the begigning nof the movie after the teaser. Both files are about 11 MB, a bit less than 2 min on *.wmv. They are zipped, and please save to your comp and unzipped form there.

If you havent' seen the movie and want to, I recomend you not to watch at least the second video, is still pretyt much in the beggining but it might spoil you part of the story.

And here you have the links:
Roger Alam - V For Venndetta 1
Roger Alam - V For Venndetta 1

There you go, hope you enjoy it. if you have any trouble d/ling please let me know and I'll try to fix it ASAP.
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